Our Mission – we, the disciples of Christ at St Matthew Parish School, continue his mission through faith, education, and community. 

Profile of a Graduate of St Matthew Parish School

Upon graduation, a St Matthew Parish School graduate will:


  • Excel academically and be well prepared for the challenges of high school;
  • Be a creative problem solver and independent critical thinker;
  • Use technology, proficiently and responsibly.


  • Live and promote Catholic values;
  • Understand Catholic faith traditions;
  • Know prayers, catechism and scripture.


  • Have begun to develop a lifelong relationship with God;
  • Look for opportunities to provide service to others;
  • Show respect for the beliefs of others.


  • Respect self and others;
  • Be a responsible and contributing member of the community;
  • Think about the world around them and their global role in society.


  • Understand the importance of good nutrition and exercise;
  • Appreciate the gift of life;
  • Demonstrate self-control.

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