School Board and Parent Organization

School Board

The School Board at St. Matthew Parish School serves as an advisory to the Principal and Pastor.  Consisting of School and Parish members, the Board offers advice on matters relating to finances, the physical assets of the school, a vision or strategic plan, enrollment, marketing, athletics, development, and more.  The Board follows legislative procedures, with executive positions of President, Vice President, and Secretary.  We are fortunate to have an involved, caring community and are grateful for all those who serve through the School Board.

In the Diocese of Joliet, school boards are consultative in nature, offering valuable input to assist the school’s administration.  A consultative board participates in the policy-making process by formulating and adopting but does not enact or enforce policy.  Board recommendations are ultimately adopted or declined by the Principal and/or Pastor.

The Board refrains from inserting itself in reviewing specific administrative decisions or conflicts, policy enforcement, personnel decisions, or administering curriculum, unless specific counsel is requested on such matters.  Thus, it in no way offers “appeals” to decisions made by administration or staff.

Board meetings are held at 7:00 pm once each month, August through May. Meetings are open, with an open invitation to the parent community.  Once approved, minutes from each meeting will be posted on SchoolSpeak, where school families can login to review.

To view the School Board Constitution, please click here.

Parent Organization

All parents are part of the St. Matthew Parish School Parent Organization!  We count on all our school families to participate in the programming and leadership they offer to our school, for our children.

We are blessed by the Parent Organization’s generosity, so that much can be provided by way of activities and experiences for our school children.  The Parent Organization Executive Board meets monthly to plan and vote on executive matters. All are welcome to attend.  ‘Thank you’ to all who participate and volunteer!

Activities and Programs Provided by the Parent Organization

Room Parents

Participate in classroom parties and celebrations, teacher birthday treats, Catholic Schools Week festivities, and so much more!  Room Parents are needed at all grade levels, Preschool – 8th grade.  Parents find this to be one of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities offered at St. Matthew Parish School.

Santa’s Secret Shop

Santa’s Secret Shop is a fun way for your children in Grades K-8 to do their own Christmas shopping.  Children have the opportunity to join their classmates during the school day and shop for inexpensive (under $10) gifts for family and friends.  The day is filled with holiday spirit and the children’s joy in selecting their own gifts is priceless.  Parent helpers assist children on their selections, help them with counting out their money, etc.

Eighth Grade Breakfast

The seventh grade parents host a breakfast to honor our 8th graders as they celebrate a special milestone in our Catholic community and their graduation from St. Matthew Parish School.

Meet & Greet

Held the day before school begins in August, the Meet & Greet is a fun way to welcome students back for the new school year.  Stop by school to meet your new teacher and catch up with friends!  The Parent Organization provides food & refreshments for all to enjoy.

Grandparent’s Day

We invite our students’ grandparents to join us for a special Mass and open house each year to celebrate ‘Grandparent’s Day’.  Students love to show their grandparents their classroom, introduce their friends and teachers, and share their pride in their school.  And, grandparents enjoy this special time with their grandchild, glimpsing into his or her school life at St. Matthew Parish School.

Catholic Schools Week

A week long recognition of our dedicated faith-based community.  We celebrate our faith at our weekly mass, celebrate our students for living out the lessons taught during our religion, and celebrate our staff with a staff appreciation luncheon.

Book Fair

Come shop for your favorite books all while helping raise funds for our school!  The book fair is held just in time to shop for everyone on your Christmas list! The Parent Organization also hosts an online book fair in the Spring to pick up those summer reads.

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