St Matthew Parish School provides our students with a challenging curriculum using a blend of traditional and current teaching methods that are based on Joliet Diocesan and Illinois State standards.

The St Matthew Parish School’s preschool program motivates young learners to grow their skills in decision making and problem solving while encouraging each child to reach their full individual potential.  At SMPS, students gain experiences that focus on the growth of the whole child.  Preschool includes:

  • A Rigorous Curriculum – including the ‘Happily Ever After’ Reading Readiness Program
  • Faith Formation
  • Growth of Fine and Gross Motor Skills
  • Band/Music, Art and Technology

Faith formation begins in preschool and continues through 8th grade.  Our students attend Mass weekly and actively participate in the liturgy.  Students in 2nd grade are prepared for their First Reconciliation and First Communion.  Our 8th grade students receive catechism for their confirmation.  We are blessed that our Pastor, Priests and Deacons help to teach religion classes whenever possible.

SMPS’s small class sizes allow for a strong connection with each student and create an opportunity for interaction with students and peers. Teachers are able to utilize multiple strategies to engage and ensure students stay focused, as well as, when possible, tailor their instruction to the needs of each individual student.

One to one computing is accessible to students starting in kindergarten with technology classes taught once a week to enhance their use of the tools.  Our preschool also uses technology when it is able to enhance learning opportunities.

Spanish, Music and Art are also part of our curriculum. Art classes are conducted twice a week with many varied techniques and modalities showcased.  Spanish and Music are provided to students from preschool to 8th grade.

Band is offered at an extra cost, for those families that are interested. 

To enhance communication between faculty and parents of students in 4th through 8th grades, parents can access their child’s grades online at any time through our School Information System – FACTS.

For more focused instruction at the Jr. High level, and to introduce students to the type of schedule experienced in high school, teachers focus on a specific area of study and students travel to a different teacher per subject.

To continue enhancing the rigor of our educational experience for our students in middle and intermediate academies, our teachers are using a highly modified version of a flipped classroom in the 2023-2024 school year. Students will prepare for lessons at home for homework, completing rigorous hands-on assignments and experiences in the classroom with the guidance of the teachers. This allows the students to take a deeper dive into the standards, learning through critical thinking and application rather than just memorization. The teachers will assess students as they are working, and adapt the educational experience to their level accordingly.

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