Math Club

Math club is for any student in Middle School. They meet once a week for a little over an hour after school. The fall months are spent preparing for math contests given by the local Catholic high schools. Eighth grade can also participate in a math contest given by the Glenbard high schools in March. Our math club is also registered with the national Math Counts organization and has received recognition as a “Gold Level” school numerous years by doing group projects suggested by Math Counts.


Band meets twice a week for lessons which are around 45-50 minutes each and divided by ability level, Advanced Band and Beginning Band.  Next year we will be instituting an Intermediate Band for students who have completed Beginning Band before entering Advanced Band.

Instruments offered are Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone and Percussion which consists of Snare Drum and Bells.

We try to schedule 3 performances per year, usually in December, March and May.

The band is open for all students 4-8th grade.

Book Club

Book Club meets during lunch hour during the winter months. Each grade reads either a chapter book or novel dependant on their reading level and then discuss it as a group. It is a wonderful way to enable students gain a deeper understanding of their reading, developing deeper understanding of other people through their conversations, and providing opportunities to safely fail and celebrate success.

Drama Club – returning Spring of 2024

Chess Club, Robotics Club and Tutoring/Homework Club – in the planning stage for 2024


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