Why Catholic Education?

A Catholic education is an act of love. It is an act of love that forms the next generation of Catholics in our faith and tradition; that manifests a parent’s sacrifice and commitment; that results in leaders for our world who serve like Christ himself.

At Catholic schools, our high standards create more than successful students. They create faithful leaders educated for excellence and sent to serve. What better gift to give than a Catholic education for your child. Rev. John Belmonte, S.J., Ph.D.

Many of us are proud to share that we are a product of Catholic education. The following testimonials from current school families explain what an education at St. Matthew Parish School brings to their children and family.

“Even though we don't live in Glendale Heights, the feeling of community and family at St. Matthew Parish School was the reason we enrolled. The exceptional education our children receive both academically and spiritually exceeds all of our expectations and why we continue their education at St. Matthew Parish School.” - The Enochs family

“St. Matthew’s Parish School is a school that provides a strong academic program while nurturing the love of GOD and our Catholic Faith.  Being there for the last seven years gives one a sense of belonging, ownership, and pride.  St. Matthew Parish School is small enough that most parents have already developed friendships that are not confined to the carpool line or PTA meetings.  There is a strong sense of community and family.” - The Guerra family

“We have been parishioners of St. Matthew since the late 1990's.  As we began our family, we always knew that we wanted to support our Church Community by sending our children to its school.  What we didn't initially realize, but have come to appreciate, is the experience and depth of St. Matthew's teaching staff.  We are pleased with what we have seen to date and are excited to have our youngest child start in the fall.” - The Gravel family

“My husband and I enrolled our children in St. Matthew's because we feel the school offers a solid education system, a nourishing sense of community, and place to grow both morally and spiritually.  We did not know what to expect when we enrolled our first child here 3 years ago, but have come to believe that the faculty, staff, and families that make up St Mathew’s truly care about our children.” - The Lee family

“Friends of ours were enrolled at St. Matthew's and raved about the community and teachers.  We spoke with the principal and visited the classrooms.  The school was very inviting.  Our kids have settled in nicely and are happy to return to school each day.” - The Hecht family

“I chose St. Matthews as a place for our children because it mirrors the diversity of our village, our country and our world in the 21st century.  And like Jesus’ disciples, we at St. Matthews, all come from different walks of life but are all treated with the same love and respect as Jesus showed to all of his followers.  Our school is a genuine example that we are stronger as a school community because our differences not in spite of them.” - The Kavanaugh family

If you are wondering about the St. Matthew Parish School experience, and what it might mean for your child and family, please contact our office to schedule a tour of our school.